Camp Maranatha

camp maranatha

Campestre Maranatha is a Christian campground located in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. As the only camp in the area, it is used by local churches, schools, and families for their different activities in a wholesome atmosphere. It is also the base in Mexico for Maranatha Ministries in Mexico.

Churches use the campground for youth and children’s camps, adult seminars, spiritual retreats, and fellowship meetings. Our swimming pool is not only used for fun and games but also as a place where hundreds are baptized each year. This center has played an effective part towards unity in the churches by providing a neutral ground for La Paz pastors to hold their monthly meeting for prayer and encouragement. The pastors also come individually or with their families to have a time of rest and encouragement.

camp maranatha

Both public and private schools are welcome to use the camp. For example, students enjoy coming to celebrate Dia del Niño, or Children’s Day. Sixth grade classes find it an exciting place to celebrate their graduation from primary school. Boy Scouts even hold meetings at Campestre Maranatha. For many children, the camp is the first place that they spend the night away from home.

Campestre Maranatha promotes family values. Families come to have birthday parties, reunions, and albercadas, or swimming parties. Many couples have had their weddings here. Quinceañera celebrations are held for young girls coming of age at 15.

Our parent organization, Maranatha Ministries in Mexico, is based at Campestre Maranatha. Here plans are made, teaching materials are ordered, and volunteers recruited for mission projects and planned events. As camp hosts, it is a delight for us to have “front seats” from which to observe all the wonderful activities and spiritual blessings received by all the groups.